Catalog Updated 2/24/2015
We have retired (as of 2/24/2015) and are now permanently closed... Thanks to all of our customers and friends...
We are now closed.

We have worked with Mr. Carson Jenkins, Jr., owner of GrayCat Systems for as long as we have been on the internet. If you need a website GrayCat is absolutely the way to go. The system is fantastic, and the service cannot be equaled. You can visit GrayCat by clicking the link at the bottom of this or any other page and we heartily recommend that you do!
Additionally, in all of the years that we have been selling on the internet we have made invaluable contacts, and have become friends with some of the very best in the business. They have provided a great deal of support and help, and we thank them all!
Olin & Kate Shotwell

*** We do not own or operate a "brick & mortar" or "walk-in" antiques shop or store. ***
We still offer a variety of antiques and collectibles at the ROLLER MILLS ANTIQUE CENTER in LEWISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA.
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***We do not own or operate a "brick & mortar" or "walk-in" antiques shop or store***
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